Comparison of Australian plague locust and Heteropternis obscurella nymphs

​​Comparison of Australian plague locust and Heteropternis obscurella nymphs

Australian Plague Locust - Chortoicetes terminifera

Graphic: a 5th instar Australian plague locust nymph - note 'X' mark on top of thorax. 

Heteropternis obscurella

Graphic: Side view of different colour morphs of Heteropternis nymphs - this species lacks an 'X' mark on top of thorax. 

Major differences between nymphs of these species: Australi​an plague locust nymphs are similar in appearance to those of Heteropternis but can be differentiated by:

  • thorax of Heteropternis lacks the 'X' mark as seen on plague locust nymphs
  • anntenae of Heteropternis are dark with a light tip but uniformly coloured in the plague locust

Also Heteropternis nymphs do not form dense bands unlike the plague locust.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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