Comparison of migratory locust and yellow-winged locust nymphs

​Comparison of migratory locust and yellow-winged locust nymphs

Migratory locust - Locusta migratoria

Graphic: a gregarious (left) and solitary (right) form of migratory locust nymphs. 

Yellow-winged locust - Gastrimargus musicus

Graphic: yellow-winged locust nymphs (solitary forms). 

Major differences between nymphs of these species: when in the solitary phase, nymphs of these species may look very similar but they are easy to distinguish:

  • migratory locust nymphs have a hairy 'chest' (underside of thorax)
  • yellow-winged locust nymphs have a banded hind leg femurs (thigh)
  • the tip of the manibles of late instar yellow-winged locust nymphs are bright red

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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