Comparison of spur-throated locust and giant or hedge grasshopper adults

​Comparison of spur-throated locust and giant or hedge grasshopper adults

Spur-throated locust - Austracris guttulosa

Graphic: side view of an adult spur-throated locust - note the white tibial spines on hind leg.

Giant or Hedge grasshopper - Valanga irregularis

Graphic: photo of Valnga adults - note differences in markings on wings, boday and legs from those on the spur-throated locust. Graphic: photo of the hind tibia of Valanga showing orange/red spines with black tips.

Major differences between adults of these species: while both species have a throat peg and look similar in size, shape and colour from a distance, on closer examination the spur-throated locust is readily separated from Valanga irregularis by markings on the head, body and legs. In particular:

  • spur-throated locust has a light stripe along the top of the body
  • tibial spines of the spur-throated locust are white with dark tips but orange/red in Valanga
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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