Corporate plan 2019–20

​​​​​The corporate plan provides information to our stakeholders and the wider community on the department’s purpose and how we intend to measure our activities against the purpose. Our performance measures will be reported on in the Annual Performance Statements included in the 2019–20 Annual Report, which will be released in October 2020.

Also provided on this page is the department’s Performance Framework 2019–20. The framework describes the department’s arrangements to comply with the performance reporting requirements of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, and provides more detailed information about how we measure our performance.  

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Our purpose

Our role, our people and our culture.
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Our operating environment​

Our changing environment, how we operate and manage risk.
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How we measure our performance

Our objectives and functions
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Corporate plan 2019–20 at a glance

Our Ministers

Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie
Minister for Agriculture

The Hon David Littleproud MP
Minister for Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management

Senator the Hon Jonathon Duniam
Assistant Minister for Agriculture

Our purpose

We work with national and international governments and industry to grow the value of agricultural trade and reduce risk to Australian agriculture.

Our strategic objectives and performance criteria

  • Increase, improve and maintain markets
    The trend in value of agricultural exports increases in real terms over time
  • Encourage and reduce risks to agricultural productivity
    Portfolio industries record an increase in productivity
  • Support sustainable, high-quality natural resources
    The quality of the resource base is maintained or improved

Biosecurity underpins this work by managing risks to agriculture and the environment

Our functions and performance criteria

  • Regulation and service delivery
    • Effective intervention to ensure compliance
    • Continuous improvement in regulatory practices
  • Policy and programs
    • Policy advice is evidence-based and influential
    • Effective programs are developed and delivered to achieve policy objectives
  • Research and innovation
    • Investment in research and development programs demonstrates positive results
    • The efficient collection and distribution of levies to fund rural research and development
  • Trade and market access
    • Increased access to overseas markets generates more export opportunities for Australian primary producers
  • Enterprise-wide enabling services
    • A positive, professional and engaged workforce
    • Safe and healthy workplaces
    • A balanced and financially sustainable budget
    • Information and communication technology that meets business needs
  • Forecasting and strategic  intelligence
    • Fit-for-purpose economic and scientific modelling

Our culture

  • Accountable and aligned
  • Collaborative and integrated
  • Future oriented

“Our people remain our greatest asset to deliver the priorities we have set in 2019–20” Daryl Quinlivan, Secretary


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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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