Register as an EXDOC user

​​​​The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Export Documentation System (EXDOC) is used to generate export documents.​

EXDOC can be used to electronically request and issue:

  • export permits
  • certificates and related documents as required by importing countries.

To register as an EXDOC user, you will need to:

  • choose your user type
  • purchase EXDOC software if you are going to request your own permits
  • submit an EXDOC user registration form.

Choose a user type

You can apply for different levels of access to EXDOC, depending on how much of the export documentation process you want to complete yourself.

Register as an:

  • Exporter—your name and address will be included as the exporter/owner on any documents generated for you.
  • EDI user—to generate requests for export permits, certificates and related documents.
  • Exporter and EDI user—your name and address will be registered in the EXDOC system as an exporter and you will be able to request export permits, certificates and related documents.

Choose your level of access when completing the EXDOC registration form.

You can also request access to:

  • Single Electronic Window (SEW) — exporter users can apply to link EXDOC with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Integrated Cargo System (ICS).

Buy EXDOC software

If you want to register as an EXDOC EDI user, you will need to purchase a third party software package from an approved supplier before submitting your application form.

Exporters using a third party agent do not need to own a software package. There are a number of service providers who can raise a permit on your behalf. These service providers may be:

  • freight forwarders
  • manufacturers
  • software providers.

You will need to make contact with these companies directly to organise this service.

Before purchasing EXDOC, make sure you:

  • are aware of all technical requirements
  • have considered what kind of package you require.

Questions about software options can be answered by the relevant software provider.

See our advice on points to consider when choosing your software package and provider.

Submit your application form

When you are ready to register in EXDOC, you will need to:

  • download and complete an Application to Register as an EDI or Exporter User in EXDOC form, with details of:
  • wait for notification that your registration has been processed.

The registration process will take a maximum of two business days from when we receive a correctly completed form.

After your application is processed:

  • exporter users will be issued with a unique exporter number and can now have permits and other documents requested and issued in their name
  • EDI users will be issued with a unique ID for use in EXDOC and will be directed to the correct area for EDI knowledge testing.

It is essential to familiarise yourself with the EXDOC system before using it to process export documentation.

Download form

Document Pages File size
Application to register as an EDI or exporter user in EXDOC PDF 4 238 KB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, please visit web accessibility.

Contact EXDOC help desk

The EXDOC help desk provides support to clients using the EXDOC system for the creation and processing of Requests for Permit (RFPs).

  • In-office support is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am to 5.30pm (Eastern Standard Time).
  • On-call officer support is provided outside these hours for product leaving before next business day.

Contact numbers for the helpdesk are:

  • Dairy, fish, grain, horticulture and eggs RFP support:
    (02) 6272 4700
  • Meat, inedible meat products, wool, skins and hides RFP support:
    (02) 6272 4800

Written requests for assistance can be:

Last reviewed: 4 February 2020
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