Australia has 134 million hectares of forest, covering 17% of Australia's land area. Australia has approximately 3% of the world's forests, and globally is the country with the seventh largest forest area.

Australia’s forests are diverse, extensive, and highly regarded for their ecological, economic and social values. They provide a range of benefits including wood and non-wood forest products and ecosystem services. The range of services covers water protection and supply, soil protection, carbon storage and sequestration, habitat for flora and fauna species, tourism and recreation, and cultural values for both non-Indigenous and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Australia has a well-established institutional framework to support the conservation and sustainable management of forests.

The Australian Government aims to foster and enable productive, profitable, internationally competitive and sustainable Australian forest and forest products industries.

Australian Forestry - Planning for Tomorrow, Today.

The Australian Government has developed a suite of communication products to promote the role of forestry, raise awareness of the Australian forestry industry and forests as a sustainably managed resource. These products reflect the breadth and value of the forest industry. Find out more about Australian Forestry - Planning for Tomorrow, Today.

National Forest Industries Plan - Growing a Better Australia – A Billion Trees for Jobs and Growth.

The Australian Government’s National Forest Industries Plan, Growing a Better Australia – A Billion Trees for Jobs and Growth, was launched on 12 September 2018. 

The plan provides a vision supporting the forest industries' aspirational goal of planting a billion new plantation trees over the period to 2030.

The Australian Government provided $20 million over four years in the 2018–2019 Federal Budget to support implementation of the plan.

Progress with implementation is reported at National Forest Industries Plan – Progress Report.

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