Modernising agricultural trade

Agriculture is central to the strength of our economy. We export two thirds of Australia's agricultural products every year.

We are striving to strengthen our agricultural exports. One way of achieving this is through the Modernising Agricultural Trade program. This program will update the systems that support agricultural trade and improve how we regulate this trade.

This program will benefit farmers and producers. An initial investment of $32.4 million over a period of 4 years has been committed, beginning in 2018-19. This is an Australian Government initiative.

The volume of exported goods are increasing. Our trading partners want information on food safety and the origin of the product.

The program has three themes:

  • protecting Australia’s clean, green brand
  • better information for exporters
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) modernisation.

Protecting Australia’s clean, green brand

Projects under this theme include:

Better information for exporters

We will:

ICT modernisation

  • We are seeking funding to deliver responsive, secure and reliable ICT systems.


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Last reviewed: 9 July 2020
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