Next Export Documentation System (NEXDOC)

Our Next Export Documentation System (NEXDOC) is a web-based system.

It allows clients to request export documentation for primary produce via the web or a software program.

NEXDOC will eventually replace EXDOC. It brings with it some changes and benefits.

Documents you can request

Export documentation supported within NEXDOC includes:

  • export permits as required by the Export Control Act
  • export certificates as required by importing country authorities
  • imported product
  • re-export certification
  • on-forwarding letters
  • letters of facilitation
  • extra certificates that support the export (such as transit certificates).

Commodities available

We are transitioning commodities to NEXDOC in stages. We expect all commodities will be available by mid-2020.

When this transition is complete, NEXDOC will support:

  • all export commodities currently available in EXDOC
  • Some new commodities such as other goods, honey and companion animals.

Access the new system

When your commodity is available, you can access the system:

  • directly through our website
  • via third party software.

If you are using a third party software solution, ensure you discuss the transition with your provider.

Find out how to access NEXDOC.

Stay informed

Stay up-to-date by checking our project updates.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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