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The Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support (MCAS-S) is a tool to view and combine mapped information. The MCAS-S software package contains a number of files, including an MCAS-S installer, a sample project, and the MCAS-S user guide (also available as a separate document suitable for printing).

1. Download (latest update May 2019)

System Requirements​
Windows (NT, 2000, XP or later)
2 GB of RAM (minimum recommended)
1 GHz or faster CPU​
1 GB of disk space for program
2 GB for Australian national map layers (optional)

2. Remove old versions

​MCAS-S should be able to run version 3.2 with older versions such as 3.1 already installed. However you can only have one instance of MCAS-S 3.2 (choose between 64 and 32-Bit, you can't have both!). If you are having trouble running the installer, try completely removing MCAS-S from your machine.

To remove MCAS-S: go to Control Panel, Programs and features, find Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell, right click: Uninstall. NOTE: if you have installed the 32-Bit option on a 64-Bit machine you may not be able to find MCAS-S in the list of programs and features. In this case you may need to find and delete the product key in the 32 bit registry editor, ensure that the software folder is removed from Program Files (x86) and that the icon is removed from the desktop. 

3. Run the installer

Double-click the MCAS.msi installer and follow the installation instructions. Install the software on a local hard drive. The default location is C:\Program Files\ABARES\Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell vX. If this doesn't work see step 2 above. 

4. Open MCAS-S and get started

To open an MCAS-S project EITHER: Double click the MCAS-S desktop icon; file open, OR, Navigate to an MCAS-S project using file explorer and then open. Here are some example proejcts to get you started:

  • Sample project: A sample project 'Location of soils at risk' is installed with MCAS-S. (Default location C:\Program Files\ABARES\Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell vX). You can follow all the steps in the user guide using this project. You can move or copy the sample project to a different location - just make sure you take the whole folder as the data and project need to stay together.
  • Download the Quick Start Guide project 'Aquatic Pest Invasion'.  
  • Choose from ready to use Australian national map layers including climate, soil, vegetation, social and economic information. 
  • Make a project with your own data by following the user guide​.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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