Latest update: 10 May 2019

MCAS-S version 3.2 - Update 2019

The Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support (MCAS-S) is a tool to view and combine mapped information. MCAS-S can inform spatial decision making and help with stakeholder engagement and communication. MCAS-S is powerful and easy to use. GIS (geographic information system) programming is not required making MCAS-S accessible to a wide audience. 

MCAS-S projects are:

  • Transparent - you can see all the inputs used to meet an objective and how these are combined
  • Flexible - you can compare options and explore trade-offs. You can use your own input data
  • Fast - you can immediately trace the effect of any change throughout your project 

Version 3.2 has:

  • Improved performance
  • Built in help
  • Live links to metadata
  • More options for processing and analysing time series data
  • Simpler labelling and classifying data inputs

In 2019 additional updates included:

  • Faster listing of available primary data using a cache
  • Ability to sort categorical data classes alphabetically
  • Corrected out of memory error

MCAS-S is made freely available with the support of the MCAS-S development partners: ABARES, the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, Barry Consulting, the Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program and the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network.

Links and downloads

Back to MCAS-S webpage 

Installer (32 bit) for MCAS-S software version 3.2 [140 MB - zipped]

Installer (64 bit) for MCAS-S software version 3.2 [140 MB - zipped]

User guide for MCAS-S software version 3.2 [7 MB PDF]

User guide for MCAS-S software version 3.2 [11 MB MS Word]


(ANZLIC) LAND, LAND Geography, LAND Natural Resource Management, HAZARDS, AGRICULTURE

(ABARES) Models, Risk, Spatial Data and Datasets, Agriculture, Environmental and Natural Resource Management, Land use 


Department of Agriculture and Water Resources : Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences : Land and Spatial Analytics
GPO Box 858 CANBERRA CITY Australian Capital Territory 2601 AUSTRALIA
Email: Phone: +61 2 6272 4548

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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