Lodging declarations and documentation for imported food

When you import food, you must provide us with certain information.

We use this information when inspecting and testing food imports. This is part of our Imported Food Inspection Scheme (IFIS).

Completing a Full Import Declaration (FID)

You must lodge details of all shipments of imported food.

Do this in the Department of Home Affairs' Integrated Cargo System (ICS).

Customs brokers and importers must complete FIDs in ICS. A FID includes details we use when selecting food imports to inspect and test.

Find out how to complete a Full Import Declaration.

IFIS Importer Declaration

You may also need to submit an importer declaration for certain food imports. This includes some types of cheese and seafood.

Do this in the Cargo Online Lodgement System (COLS).

Check if you need to lodge an IFIS Importer Declaration.

Last reviewed: 25 August 2020
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