Horticulture Export Industry Consultative Committee

​​The role and purpose of the Horticulture Exports Industry Consultative Committee (the Committee) is to provide a forum for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to consult with the industries involved in the export of horticulture products. Within the framework of government policies and legislation delivered by the department that relate to the export inspection and certification, the committee is the primary consultation body to:

  • discuss export inspection and certification issues affecting industry and propose solutions to address these issues
  • discuss relevant market access issues
  • discuss the performance of the department’s programs
  • communicate outcomes of the committee’s work to relevant export industries; and
  • explore, identify and promote opportunities to improve the efficient and effective administration, provision and consumption of the department cost recoverable regulatory activities and services

The committee acts in a consultative rather than in an advisory capacity and is not a regulatory approval or decision-making body. The committee will consider:

  • strategic directions for the department's Horticulture Exports Program ensuring Australia meets its obligations to the International Plant Protection Convention
  • significant proposed changes to policy and operational procedures
  • program budgets, cost recovery mechanisms and charging levels; and
  • key program performance issues such as efficiency and effectiveness indicators.

but will not consider:

  • individual commercial concerns of Committee members; or
  • basic operational issues
  • authorisation expenditure of, or commit funds.

Membership of the Committee includes representatives of commodity sectors regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources - Horticulture Exports Program. While membership is expected to change as industry itself changes, it currently includes:

  • Apple and Pear Australia Ltd -  Philip Turnbull
  • Cherry Growers Australia – Hugh Molloy
  • Australian Horticultural Exporters Association - Dominic Jenkin
  • Australian Mango Industry Association - Robert Gray
  • Nursery & Garden Industry Australia - Chris O'Connor
  • Summerfruit Australia Ltd - John Moore
  • Australian Table Grape Association - Jeff Scott
  • AUSVEG - Michael Coote
  • Citrus Australia Ltd - David Daniels
  • Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd - Michael Rogers

The Committee meets a minimum of three (3) times a year.

For further information regarding the Committee, refer to the Terms of Reference and Administrative Guidelines or email to Horticulture Exports.


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Administrative Guidelines DOCX 7148 KB
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Criteria for Nomination of Members DOCX 2100 KB
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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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