ELMER 3 - Electronic legislation, manuals and essential references

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AEMIS - Australian Export Meat Inspection System

Animal welfare

Approved manufacturers of official marks and marking devices


Australian standards

Chemical compounds used in premises processing or storing meat and meat products for export

Codes of practice

Consultative committees

Electronic records


European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme (EUCAS)

Export legislation

Fact sheets

Fees and charges



List of recognised Islamic bodies for halal certification of red meat

Islamic organisations that have an approved arrangement with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for the certification of halal meat and meat products for export.

Manual of Importing Country Requirements (Micor)

The Manual of Importing Country Requirements (Micor) is now in operation.

You can apply for a user name and password from the Commodity homepage in Micor.

Meat notices

Meat safety and hygiene

Microbiological testing of meat and meat products

Microbiological manual - microbiological testing programs covered in this manual are those programs approved by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment to demonstrate compliance with the relevant Australian standards and to meet certification requirements for export meat and meat products

Approved Laboratory Program – Applies to on-plant and commercial laboratories undertaking microbiological testing of meat and meat products to fulfil export requirements for department certification.

NRS residue testing

Policy documents

The Product Hygiene Indicators (PHI) Program

The Product Hygiene Indicators Program is a uniformly applied method to verify an establishment's ability to comply consistently including its ability to detect and resolve its own deficiencies.


Water quality

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Last reviewed: 13 April 2021
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