Broker Reports

​​​​​What is Broker Reports?

Broker Reports is an online application that allows commercial entities (brokers and importers) to access reports of their current business and financial position with regards to AIMS entries. 

The reports available are:

This lists all of the broker/importer's AIMS entries that have been invoiced since the date specified by the user.

This lists all of the broker/importer's entries that are yet to be invoiced. This report can be further broken down into entries which have not yet been finalised or have been finalised and are pending invoicing.

Single entry
This allows the user to bring up a specific entry by entering the declaration number.

Broker reference
This lists all the broker/importer’s entries using the broker reference number specified by the user.

Am I eligible to apply for access to Broker Reports?

If you have a COM code, then you are eligible to apply for access to Broker Reports.

A COM Code is the alphanumeric identifier (format COM999999) assigned to each commercial entity registered in Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​e finance system. COM Codes are used by Broker Reports and other Department of Agriculture and Water Resources systems to associate finances and commercial entities.​

You can find your COM Code on an invoice or Final Release you have received from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

If you cannot determine if you have a COM Code or what it is, contact the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ​Finance Section on 1800 647 531.

How do I gain access to Broker Reports?

  1. Go to Broker Reports

  2. Click on the 'Registration Form' button in the left-hand column.

  3. Enter your details in the registration form and press the submit button.

The Broker Reports Administrator will then process your registration form and contact you via email to progress your access request.

Who can I contact for more information on Broker Reports?

If you require further information about Broker Reports, please contact:

Broker Reports Administrator
Email: Broker Reports Admin

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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