Locust Bulletins

​​​​​The Australian Plague Locust Commission (APLC) produces a monthly Locust Bulletin during the seasons of locust activity (spring, summer and autumn). The Bulletin gives regional summaries of the locust situation and weather events of potential significance for locust development. It also provides a forecast of likely developments for the next three months (or from autumn to spring) for the Australian plague locust Chortoicetes terminifera, spur-throated locust Austracris guttulosa, and the migratory locust Locusta migratoria.

Join the APLC Bulletin subscription list so that you can be informed by email when the latest Locust Bulletin has been updated on our website. The latest bulletin and other recent bulletins are available from the lists below.

Latest Locust Bulletin

2020-21 Season

2019-20 Season

2018-19 Season

2017-18 Season

If you have trouble accessing the above files or require bulletins dated prior to those listed above, contact the APLC and a PDF can be provided to you.

Last reviewed: 2 September 2021
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