EXDOC - Export Documentation System

​​The department will start the transition of commodities from EXDOC to NEXDOC soon.
​It’s time to start thinking about transitioning. To stay informed visit NEXDOC.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Export Documentation System (EXDOC) is used to generate export documents.

This may include:

  • export permits
  • certificates and related documents as required by importing countries.​

The EXDOC system is used for export prescribed primary produce from Australia.

Commodities included in EXDOC are:

  • dairy
  • eggs
  • grains
  • horticulture
  • inedible meat products
  • meat
  • seafood
  • skins and hides
  • wool.

Registering in EXDOC

You can apply for different levels of access to EXDOC, depending on how much of the export documentation process you want to complete yourself.

Register as an:

  • Exporter — your name and address will be included as the exporter/owner on any documents generated for you.
  • EDI user — to generate requests for export permits, certificates and related documents.
  • Exporter and EDI user — your name and address will be registered in the EXDOC system as an exporter and you will be able to request export permits, certificates and related documents.

Find out more about registering in EXDOC.

Linking EXDOC and Integrated Cargo System

Users of both EXDOC and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Integrated Cargo System (ICS) can link the two systems by requesting access to Single Electronic Window (SEW).

Buying EXDOC software

If you want to register in EXDOC as an EDI user, you will need to buy a software package to communicate with EXDOC from an accredited EXDOC software supplier. This must be done before you submit your application form.

Check our advice on considerations when choosing an EXDOC software system.

After you purchase the software, we will:

  • issue your unique EDI user number
  • direct you to the correct area for EDI knowledge testing.

Software maintenance

Suppliers of EXDOC software are required to keep their software package up to date.

Access the latest:

EXDOC users should contact your software supplier for details on:

  • delivery of software updates
  • and any associated fees applicable for completing updates.

Costs of using EXDOC

There are two sets of costs associated with using EXDOC.

Contact EXDOC help desk

The EXDOC help desk provides support to clients using the EXDOC system for the creation and processing of Requests for Permit (RFPs).

  • In-office support is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am to 6.00pm (Eastern Standard Time).
  • On-call officer support is provided outside these hours for product leaving before next business day.

Contact numbers for the helpdesk are:

  • Dairy, fish, grain, horticulture and eggs RFP support:
    (02) 6272 4700
  • Meat, inedible meat products, wool, skins and hides RFP support:
    (02) 6272 4800

Written requests for assistance can be:

Last reviewed: 4 February 2020
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