Biosecurity information for the major resource and energy sector

​​Importing equipment

The department aims to safeguard Australia’s animal and plant health status to maintain overseas markets and protect the economy and environment from the impact of exotic pests and diseases. It does this though risk assessment, inspection and certification, and the implementation of emergency response arrangements for Australian agricultural, food and fibre industries.

Protecting Australia's biosecurity is a responsibility shared between government, industry and the community. Our goal is to work together to prevent biosecurity risks before they arrive in Australia. Industry-driven risk management can greatly reduce the time and cost of biosecurity clearance.

Risk management tools

The department has developed biosecurity risk management templates to assist major resource and energy sector projects comply with Australia's biosecurity requirements. The templates identify areas of biosecurity risk for consideration and assists in documenting processes and procedures across the supply chain (e.g. suppliers, fabricators and contractors). The use and implementation of biosecurity risk management templates can assist in minimising project delays on arrival. Completion of templates is voluntary and they will not be reviewed or endorsed by the department. 

Templates to support the consideration and management of biosecurity risk include:

  • Biosecurity risk management template
  • Industry Cargo Inspection Report template
  • Industry Vessel Cleanliness Inspection Report template​

Biosecurity Risk Management template

Using a Biosecurity Risk Management template can reduce vessel and consignment contamination that leads to schedule slippage and increased project costs. The type of information and level of detail required in the template will depend on the complexity and nature of the proposed imports.

Industry Cargo Inspection Report template

Being proactive and identifying the risks of consignment contamination and having inspection points within the supply chain, means action can be taken to minimise delays on arrival. The Indus​try Cargo Inspection Report template contains areas for consideration, however will be dependent on the nature of the cargo.

Industry Vessel Cleanliness Inspection Report template

Vessel cleanliness is an important aspect of the supply chain and inspection should be conducted to ensure vessels are clean. Any issues should be identified and rectified prior to loading. The Industry Vessel Cleanliness Report template can provide industry with confidence of the vessel’s biosecurity integrity. The template lists the areas to target during vessel inspections and the typical types of contamination that may be detected.


If you would like further information, please contact Compliance Partnerships on 1800 900 090 or email major industry projects.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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