Export Industry Advice Notices – Plant Export Operations 2021

​Export Industry Advice notices 2021
Date No. Description
01/04/2021 2021-12 Congestion Busting Program – Plant Exports Management System updates
23/03/2021 2021-11 Authorised Officer Program – Release of the export inspection horticulture protocol – leafy and other mixed vegetables job function
12/03/2021 2021-10 Horticulture Exports Program – Lifting of the suspension of fresh cucurbit species produced in Queensland and calling for applications for the export of fresh cucurbit species to New Zealand
12/03/2021 2021-09 Plant Export Operations – New process for re-export consignments and updated government certificate templates
04/03/2021 2021-08 Plant Export Operations – Key changes: new plant and plant product export legislation
23/02/2021 2021-07 Horticulture Exports Program – New Zealand Export Plan to replace the BQA-SOM
18/02/2021 2021-06 2020–21 Budget Impact on Export Cost Recovery Implementation Statements
11/02/2021 2021-05 Business Systems Program – Updates to instructional material relating to manual export certification
10/02/2021 2021-04 Plant Export Operations – Updated manual inspection and treatment record templates for the commencement of the new export legislation
08/02/2021 2021-03 Horticulture Exports Program – Accreditation applications for farms, packhouses and treatment facilities to export kiwifruit to Thailand in 2021
01/02/2021 2021-02 Business Systems Program – PEMS mandate will be implemented from 1 February 2021
22/01/2021 2021-01 Business Systems Program – Update to Bulk Vessel Inspection process in PEMS
Last reviewed: 1 April 2021
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