November 2014

​​​​​Report to levies stakeholders 2013-14

The Report to levies stakeholders 2013-14 has been released and is available at the Levies information and publications page. The report outlines the operations and financial performance of the Department of Agriculture’s levies unit. It includes information on the activity-based cost recovery charges associated with providing the department’s levy collection function.

Changes to email addresses

The Department of Agriculture has changed its email addresses to

On 24 November 2014 all email addresses will be decommissioned.

The main email address for the department’s levies unit has changed to

The email address for the Levies online help desk has changed to

Please update your records to reflect these changes.

There is no change to the Levies Online website address.

All other levies information can be found at

Automated email reminders

We have introduced automated email reminders to help you with managing your levy account. Email reminders will be sent about:

  • Levy returns due within 7 days
  • Levy returns and payments overdue
  • Levy payments that cannot be matched to a return.

Please ensure you have provided your current email address to the department. You can do this through your Levies Online account or by email to

You can also manage the reminder for returns due within 7 days through your Levies Online account.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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