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Current suppliers using a detector dog

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Elders Pest Control Pty LtdNola ElderPO Box 3146 Helensvale Q 42141800 686 617

Please note the list of Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) Accredited Suppliers will expand as additional suppliers undertake the accreditation process.

The department is not responsible for arrangements made directly between vessel owners or their representatives and the accredited supplier.

Information on becoming a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Accredited Supplier for Termite Detection Services is provided below.

To obtain further information on this scheme, please email the Air and Sea Cargo Program.

Expression of Interest (EOI) - Department of Agriculture and Water Resources accredited supplier for termite detection services


One of the key roles of the Commonwealth Government, through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, is to minimise the introduction of exotic pests and diseases (such as termites and other timber pests), into Australia.

To assist owners wishing to import vessels with timber component, the department has implemented the Accredited Supplier List for Termite Detection Services. This list contains details of accredited suppliers that have the capability to provide termite dog detection services. The purpose of the list is to:

  • assist owners of vessels with timber components that are to be subject to the department inspection, to identify and obtain relevant inspection services upon arrival in Australia
  • ensure that accredited service providers (who choose to be part of the list) have access to certain training and other knowledge relevant to the identification of termite pests in vessels that may be of concern to the department
  • (as a result of the above) improve the overall quality of the information being received by the department in its role in managing the risks associated with exotic pests.

What information/documentation do Pest Control Operators require to apply for recognition?

Applicants should be licensed Pest Control Operators and the team assessment will include the specific termite detector dogs that they handle. If the actual dog handler is not a licensed Pest Control Operator, then the team can only be recognised for Accredited Supplier status if a licensed Pest Control Operator will also be in attendance at all inspections.

Note: If a Pest Control Company wishes to apply for assessment then a Licensed Pest Control Operator must be identified as the main applicant, for the service of notices and auditing requirements.

  1. Termite Detector Dog

    Dogs may be of any breed and must be capable of detecting the presence of live dry wood and subterranean termites onboard ocean going vessels. This training must be provided by a qualified termite detector dog trainer (see section 2 below). Documentation required for each termite detector dog is as follows:

    Termite Detector Dog
    • In good health
    • Vaccinated
    • Initial training
    • Operational experience
    • Photographs
    • Veterinarian health report including the identifying microchip number
    • Current C5 vaccination certificate
    • Current certificate of identification/registration
    • Canine suitability testing record, training plan, training records and hours undertaken, including training in the detection of both dry wood and subterranean termites
    • Canine deployment and proficiency maintenance training records detailing length of experience

  2. Termite Detector Dog Trainer Requirements

    As mentioned above, the dog must be trained by a qualified termite detector dog trainer, who can provide the following information/documentation in support of this application if not currently in control of the dog:

    TrainerDemonstrated experience in the training of detector dogs and handlersTestimonials, references, work samples, contracts of engagement and detailed work experience.

  3. Termite Detector Dog Handler requirements

    The dog handler should be a licensed Pest Control Operator (see section 4 below) as the pest inspections required by the department are for the detection of all potential pests and pathogens, not just limited to termites. If the actual dog handler is not a licensed Pest Control Operator then a suitably qualified Pest Control Operator must also be present at all detector dog inspections.

    The dog handler should be trained by a suitably qualified detector dog trainer (if not the trainer) in all aspects of detector dog care. This includes proficiency maintenance training and effective deployment with evidence of further experience in the effective deployment of a termite detector dog/s in the commercial and/or domestic residential environment. The assessment for the detector dog team will be for a specific handler and dog team and if these change within the period of approval, re-assessment of the new team will be required. Details/documentation required for the dog handler are as follows:

    Termite Detector Dog Handler
    • basic initial training

      operational experience

    • Course content and hours completed, certificate
    • Canine deployment and proficiency maintenance training records detailing length of experience
    • Specific information on the number of hours spent with each dog

  4. Pest Control Operator/Termite Detector Dog Handler

    Minimum qualification is the attainment of the following unit of competency evidenced by a statement of attainment or qualification from a registered training organisation (RTO).

    The required competencies for a license as a pest management technician in Australia are:

    Pest Control Activity

    • PRMPM05 – Modify environment to manage pests
    • RMPM06 – Apply pesticides to manage pests
    • RMPM18 – Maintain an equipment and consumable storage area

    Fumigation Activity

    • PRMPM06 – Apply pesticides to manage pests
    • PRMPM11 – Eradicate pests through fumigation

    In addition

    • PRMPM08B – Inspect and report on timber pests

    While this unit of competency (PRMPM08B) does not fall within the licensing requirements for pest management technicians it is of significance in performing inspections of vessels for termite infestation and is highly desirable.

  5. Insurance

    Evidence should be provided of current Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of at least $2,000,000 and Public Liability Insurance to the value of $500,000.

    • Professional Indemnity – $2,000,000
    • Public Liability – $500,000
    • Current policy statement
    • Current policy statement

How do pest control operators apply?

EOI to become a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources accredited supplier of termite detector dog services should include:

  • the applicant’s full name, address, ABN and contact details (i.e. phone, fax, post, email)
  • the required information outlined above in sections 1–5.

While the department encourages applicants to keep EOIs brief and to the point, applicants may include any additional supporting documentation that they consider relevant as an attachment to their EOI.

Please forward your EOI and supporting documentation to:

The Director
Air & Sea Cargo Program
Cargo & Shipping Branch
GPO Box 858, Canberra ACT 2601
Email: Air and Sea Cargo Program

How are applications to be assessed?

Each EOI submitted will be evaluated by the Air & Sea Cargo Program to determine if:

  • the information and documentation requested in sections 1–5 above have been received
  • the applicant satisfies the requirements to be accorded a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Accredited Supplier status.

EOIs will be used by the department (and its advisers) for the purposes of evaluation. All material constituting an EOI becomes the property of the Commonwealth upon lodgement, noting that this does not affect ownership of any intellectual property in any EOI.

By responding, applicants acknowledge that:

  • the department has, for the purposes of evaluation and selection of ‘Accredited Suppliers’ for inclusion on the list, the sole discretion as to whether or not an applicant:
    • meets the participation criteria set out in sections 1–5 above, including any training requirements
    • satisfies any other requirement set out in this industry advice.
  • the department is not required to provide any reasons for any such determination
  • each applicant is solely responsible for their own costs (and any other liabilities) that may be incurred as a result of responding to, or otherwise participating in, this industry advice and, if successful, of participation on the Accredited Supplier List
  • no part of this industry notice is intended to give rise to any contractual (or other legal) obligations between the applicant and the Commonwealth.

How long is the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Accredited Supplier status valid?

Recognition as a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Accredited Supplier is for twelve month periods. This will be confirmed in writing with the successful applicants.

What happens once a detector dog team is accredited as a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Accredited supplier?

Once recognised, details of the Detector Dog Team (Pest operator/handler and the dog) will be included in a list of ‘Accredited Suppliers of Termite Detector Dog(s)’ to be maintained by the department. This list will be made readily available to the public generally (for example via the the department website). In particular, it is intended that the department will make the list available to vessel owners who are required by the department to have their vessels inspected on arrival in Australia waters.

The first three inspections of vessels with timber components following assessment will be under the full supervision of a department biosecurity officer, and further supervision during the period of validity may be required under auditing requirements.

Important notes:

The list is not intended as a list of suppliers for provision of inspection services to the department itself. Any arrangement for the provision of inspection services will be based on an independent arrangement between the relevant Accredited Supplier and vessel owner. Accordingly the department does not, and cannot, make any representation as to the level of work (if any) that may come from participation of any Accredited Supplier on the list.

The use of the list by vessel owners is entirely voluntary and any choice of Accredited Supplier on the list remains the responsibility of the vessel owner.

Finally, The Commonwealth (including the department) will not be liable in any way to a Accredited Supplier in relation to any arrangements entered into by a Accredited Supplier for provision of inspection services.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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