Exporting non-prescribed goods from Australia

​Non-prescribed goods are not regulated by Australian export laws. To export, you must meet all conditions set by the importing country.

Our role

Your importing country may require:

  • certificates or other export documents issued by us
  • proof that your goods were sourced, prepared and stored in establishments listed with us.

We are only involved if it is a condition set by the importing country.

Importing country requirements

You must meet all importing country requirements for your goods. This applies to everyone involved in the export supply chain.

Before you export:


Make sure you understand your responsibilities as an exporter. This includes meeting all importing country requirements.

Follow our step-by-step guide to exporting non-prescribed goods.

Export listed establishments

Some importing countries require producers of non-prescribed goods to be export listed. Goods include:

  • blood products
  • leather products
  • dried pet food products
  • rendered animal products
  • skin or hide products.

Read more about export listed establishments.

Stay informed


We use these to tell you about updates. This includes changes to market access and export requirements.


Other government agencies and industry bodies can also help you get export ready.

Check our list of industry resources.

Fees and charges

All export fees and charges are detailed in our charging guidelines.

Last reviewed: 1 December 2020
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