Australia's first points of entry for vessels - text version

Goods may only be landed at certain points. International vessels must comply with the Biosecurity Act 2015 and the First Point of Entry Biosecurity Determinations when entering an Australian port.

Approval for the landing of goods must be granted from the department.

Please be aware that as of 16 June 2019 there have been changes to the determination of ports which may impact what classes of vessels and goods are permitted to arrive at a FPOE. Please see the first point of entry determination for each port for current permissions. Links are provided in the table below.

Ports that demonstrated full compliance with regulatory requirements were granted ongoing first point of entry determination. Certain ports had their transitional first point of entry determination extended and can continue to operate as usual during their extension period.

The ports of Carnarvon, Exmouth, Port Huon, Spring Bay and Stanley have had their determinations lapse. As these ports are no longer FPOE they are not listed in the table below.

This table lists ports that are first points of entry for international vessels to Australia.

You can also view a map displaying Australia's first points of entry.





First Point of Entry Determination

Coffs HarbourNSW-30.3153.166667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Coffs Harbour) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
Lord Howe IslandNSW-31.540797159.078126Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Lord Howe Island Port) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
NewcastleNSW-32.933333151.766667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Newcastle) Determination 2019
Port Botany NSW-34151.233333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Botany) Determination 2019
Port KemblaNSW-34.466667150.9Biosecurity (First Point of Entry— Port of Port Kembla) Determination 2019
SydneyNSW-33.833333151.283333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Sydney) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
EdenNSW-37.101912149.928446Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Eden) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
YambaNSW-29.416667153.366667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Yamba) Determination 2019
DarwinNT-12.45130.833333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Darwin) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
Melville BayNT-12.2136.666667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Melville Bay) Determination 2019  
Milner BayNT-13.859289136.419511Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Milner Bay) Determination 2019
Bowen (Abbot Point)QLD-19.85148.066667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Bowen (Abbot Point)) Determination 2019
BrisbaneQLD-27.383333153.166667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Brisbane) Determination 2019
BundabergQLD-24.766667152.383333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Bundaberg) Determination 2019
CairnsQLD-16.916667145.783333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Cairns) Determination 2019
GladstoneQLD-23.85151.25Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Gladstone) Determination 2019
Gold Coast BroadwaterQLD-27.5825153.2527Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Gold Coast Broadwater) Determination 2019
Hay PointQLD-21.266667149.316667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Hay Point) Determination 2019
LucindaQLD-18.523969146.331968Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Lucinda) Determination 2019
MackayQLD-21.15149.233333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Mackay) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
MourilyanQLD-17.599071146.123528Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Mourilyan) Determination 2019
Port AlmaQLD-23.733333150.866667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Alma) Determination 2019
Port KennedyQLD-10.583333142.216667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Kennedy) Determination 2019
TownsvilleQLD-19.25146.866667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Townsville) Determination 2019
WeipaQLD-12.666667141.85Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Weipa) Determination 2019
ThevenardSA-32.2133.566667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry–Port of Thevenard) Determination 2019
ArdrossanSA-34.437089137.916698Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Ardrossan) Determination 2019
Port PirieSA-33.166667138.033333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Pirie) Determination 2019
WallarooSA-33.933333137.616667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Wallaroo) Determination 2019
WhyallaSA-33.033333137.6Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Whyalla) Determination 2019
Port AdelaideSA-34.85138.5Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port Adelaide) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
Port BonythonSA-32.994339137.767653Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Bonython) Determination 2019
Port GilesSA-35.033333137.766667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Giles) Determination 2019
Port LincolnSA-34.733333135.866667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Lincoln) Determination 2019
BurnieTAS-41.05145.916667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Burnie) Determination 2019
DevonportTAS-41.15146.366667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Devonport) Determination 2019
Port LattaTAS-40.852709145.381479Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Latta) Determination 2019
HobartTAS-42.866667147.3Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Hobart) Determination 2019
Launceston (Bell Bay)TAS-41.433333146.766667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Launceston (Bell Bay)) Determination 2019
GeelongVIC-38.15144.366667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Geelong) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
MelbourneVIC-37.846664144.966667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Melbourne) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
PortlandVIC-38.333333141.616667Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Portland) Determination 2019
WesternportVIC-38.462729145.340881Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Westernport) Determination 2019
AlbanyWA-35.033333117.883333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Albany) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
BroomeWA-17.966667122.233333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Broome) Determination 2019
BunburyWA-33.316667115.633333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Bunbury) Determination 2019
DampierWA-20.666667116.7Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Dampier) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
DerbyWA-17.371938123.667259Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Derby) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
EsperanceWA-33.866667121.883333Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Esperance) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
FremantleWA-32.008333115.775Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Fremantle) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)
GeraldtonWA-28.766667114.6Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Geraldton) Determination 2019
Port HedlandWA-20.316667118.566667

Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port Hedland) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)

Port Walcott




Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Port Walcott) Determination 2019





Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Wyndham) Determination 2019

Christmas Island


-10.4 3624


Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Christmas Island) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)

Cocos (Keeling) Islands




Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Cocos (Keeling) Islands) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)

Ball Bay, Norfolk Island




Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Ball Bay, Norfolk Island) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)

Cascade Bay,  Norfolk Island




Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Cascade Bay, Norfolk Island) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)

Sydney Bay (Kingston), Norfolk Island




Biosecurity (First Point of Entry—Port of Sydney Bay (Kingston), Norfolk Island) Determination 2016 (extended transitional determination)

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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