Biosecurity research and innovation

​Australia has a strong biosecurity system that protects our agriculture industries, environment, community and economy from the threat of exotic pests, diseases and weeds.

Biosecurity research and innovation plays an important role in protecting our borders and safeguarding Australia’s favourable animal and plant health status.

Biosecurity research

Biosecurity research is about finding science-based solutions to strengthen our biosecurity system. Research projects help us to identify and understand risks and offer solutions to improve our biosecurity system.

We collaborate with state and territory governments, industry bodies and research institutions to deliver measures to biosecurity challenges. For example, our collaborative work with the University of Melbourne, the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis, focuses on delivering practical and rigorous measures to manage biosecurity risk.

Biosecurity innovation

It is more important than ever that we innovate the way we manage biosecurity to help us work smarter into the future. Innovating how we do business will provide opportunities to better target risk and ease the pressure on our biosecurity system.

We are investigating emerging technologies and approaches such as computer learning, robotics, next generation sequencing, new biological controls and alternative border intervention management approaches to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our biosecurity system.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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