Information for trading partners – changes to certificates

We are making improvements to our export certification system for all exported agricultural products.

These improvements will not change the meaning and intent of negotiated and agreed attestations for market access.

Information about the updates will be added to this page regularly, as information becomes available.

Export certificates

As we introduce our new export documentation system—NEXDOC there will be changes made to export certification. These changes will happen in stages, by commodity, starting with dairy on 17 May 2021.

Timeframes for the remaining commodities are being considered and will be listed on this page when confirmed.

There will be a four week transition period for dairy certificates where both the current export certification system (EXDOC) and the new NEXDOC certification system will be issued by the department. Given freight transport timeframes, it is possible some sea freight may arrive with EXDOC issued certificates up to eight weeks after commencement of NEXDOC.

Changes include:

  • using the name Australian Government — rather than previous names of the department in mutually agreed attestations/endorsements
  • adding a unique Quick Response (QR) code to check the authenticity of the certificate in real-time
  • minor changes to where information appears on the certificate
  • issuing certificates on plain paper. The addition of a QR code means that blue security paper is no longer required.

Added Quick Response (QR) code

The new plain paper certificates will include a unique QR code. This is an added security feature.

Users can scan the QR code to see an overview of the certificate and confirm authenticity details such as:

  • the certificate number
  • product types
  • current certificate state
  • exporter
  • consignee
  • departure date

The QR code can be read by:

  • using the department’s ‘certificate scanner’ application - available at no cost via the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.


  • If unable to download the app, scanning the QR code through the camera of a compatible smart phone, which then provides the consignment specific information needed for verification. If using this method, it is critical to check the website being referred to starts with the address https://

Export certificate system update

We are replacing EXDOC with a new system called Next Export Documentation System (NEXDOC).

NEXDOC will make Australia’s export documentation system more secure and responsive to changes in trade conditions. This includes changes requested by the importing country.

NEXDOC does not change our existing certification arrangements or our regulatory control over exports.


We are working with trading partners to ensure a smooth transition to the new export certificates and  to minimise any disruptions to trade.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact Exports.

Last reviewed: 6 July 2021
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