Australia's forests at a glance

Information in this publication has been superceded by information published in Australia's State of the Forests Report 2018, Australian plantation statistics 2019, and the latest edition of Australian Forest and Wood Products Statistics. A 2019 edition of Australia's forests at a glance, based on the above publications, is planned for release later in 2019.

​​​​​Australia's forests at a glance is a pocket-book compendium of data and information about Australia's native forests and industrial plantations. The data presented have been previously published in detailed reports. 

The pocket-book covers forest types, areas and how native forests - including old growth forests - are conserved and managed. It also covers wood harvesting, production and consumption of wood products and employment in the forestry and wood products industries, forest certification and codes of practice.

Australia's forests at a glance is published annually, except in years when Australia's State of the Forests Report​ is published.

​The current edition is Australia's forests at a glance 2017​[2.3 MB]

Front page of Australia's forests at a glance 2015​​​​​

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019