Guidance for conducting BMSB Treatments

The department and the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries have specific requirements to ensure brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) treatments are conducted and verified effectively. These requirements are comprehensively documented in the department’s treatment methodologies and the Offshore BMSB Treatment Providers Scheme.

Key compliance requirements from the scheme and treatment methodologies for BMSB treatments have also been summarised in the below factsheets. The factsheets should be read in conjunction with the scheme and relevant treatment methodology.

BMSB Treatment Factsheets


​DocumentPagesFile size
BMSB consignment suitability factsheet PDF 21.5 MB
BMSB consignment suitability factsheet DOCX 231 KB
BMSB heat treatment factsheet PDF 2899 KB
BMSB heat treatment factsheet DOCX 233 KB
BMSB methyl bromide fumigation factsheet PDF 21.8 MB
BMSB methyl bromide fumigation factsheet DOCX 235 KB
BMSB sulfuryl fluoride fumigation factsheet PDF 21.8 MB
BMSB sulfuryl fluoride fumigation factsheet DOCX 231 KB

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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