How to register in NEXDOC

You can apply for different levels of access in NEXDOC depending on how much of the export documentation process you want to complete yourself.


Your name and address will be included as the exporter/owner on any documents generated for you.

You will need to:

  • Create an account with online services
  • Select Register as an Exporter (trading/company name).

If you currently use third party software to lodge export documentation, refer to Client Group Administrator.

Client Group Administrator

If you currently use third party software to lodge export documentation, follow the client group registration pathway and register as a Client Group (formerly EDI User).

You will need to:

  • Create an account with Online services (if you haven’t done so previously)
  • Select Client Group Administrator for external software Users.

The individual that registers the company initially as a client group, will automatically be the client group administrator. This will allow you to manage the client groups and the group members.

Once your registration request is approved, you can create more client group administrators and add client group members to your client group.

Client Group Member

You need to be a client group member if you will be using third party software to:

To undertake activities such as raising export requests or approving export documentation, you need to ensure that you are added as a client group member to the client group.

You don’t need to register, a client group administrator for the company (formerly known as EDI user) can add you to their client group in NEXDOC.

If you are an existing AEPI user in EXDOC, once the client administrator adds you to their group, we will ensure that you are recognised as AEPI in NEXDOC.

If you would like to apply for export permit issuer status in NEXDOC, see Approving export permits in EXDOC (NEXDOC).

Software vendors

If you are considering developing a software package solution to integrate with the NEXDOC’s web services, email the Enhanced Traceability Project.

Follow our step-by-step portal guides to:

Create and manage your NEXDOC account

To access the NEXDOC system you must:

Online Services

There are two ways to create an online services account:

  • with an mygov identifier
  • without an mygov identifier

Once you have created an account in online services, you can connect to other services.

  1. Select Connect to a service or select the Services tab.

A list of services available are displayed.

Select the service you would like to connect to, i.e. NEXDOC.

Register as an exporter in NEXDOC

Your name and address will be included as the exporter/owner on any documents generated for you.

The application questions can differ depending on your circumstances.

When you start the request, you will be guided through the application workflow.

Exporter details

Enter the name and contact details of the organisation. These details that will appear on your certification.

Exporter contact

  1. Tell us who the best person is to contact about your account.
  2. If you are the contact person, select the relevant option. Your details will be copied from the Exporter details tab. If someone else is the contact you can enter an email address and NEXDOC will undertake a search to locate an existing client.
  3. If the client record is found you can select from two options:
    1. use this existing client as the contact person. Selecting this option will use the contact details stored on NEXDOC for this person.
    2. don’t link the existing client, enter details manually. Select this option to enter the contact details.

My Printer

You can apply to use your own printer to print documentation from NEXDOC.


Tell us which commodities you will be exporting.

Single electronic window integration

Complete if you intend to integrate NEXDOC with the single electronic window (SEW):

The single electronic window (SEW) in NEXDOC gives exporters a single data entry point for export clearance from us and the Department of Home Affairs. Through SEW, you can apply to link your NEXDOC entries to the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) and receive ICS Clearance as part of your NEXDOC Request for Export Documents (REX).


Your request will be sent to us.

Application review

We will review your application. We will contact you if we have any questions.

Once your application has been processed, you will see new options in online services.

This includes option such as:

  • Go to NEXDOC Homepage
  • Lodge a Request for Export (REX)
  • Manage Client Groups (software users)

Maintain your details

You can now use online services to:

  • update your details
  • access NEXDOC services.

Update your details

Your personal details can be edited in the My details screen. The email and numbers supplied in this section will be used by us to contact you.

Access NEXDOC services

NEXDOC Services allows you to access:

To locate NEXDOC services, go to the NEXDOC homepage.

On the NEXDOC homepage you will have an Account option.

From the Account option you can access:

  • My details
  • NEXDOC services
  • Address books.

Client groups

For software users only. Manage your groups and group members.

Exporter Management

Allows you to add exporter records to your account.

Manage My Printer

You can print some documentation outside of our offices. In these cases, a client can print on their premises once we have reviewed your request.

Manage Export Commodities

You can apply for other commodities as they become available on NEXDOC.

Create client group administrator for external software user

You will need to register as a client group administrator if you have purchased software from an approved software vendor and have been requested to create client group identifiers and group member identifiers.

  1. Open Online Services.
  2. Select the Services tab.
  3. The Services screen displays.
  4. Select Client Group Administrator for External Software Users.
  5. The Register to be a Client Group Administrator screen displays.

Register to be a Client Group Administrator

When you start the request, you will be guided through the application workflow:

Exporter/Business details

  1. Business Name: Enter your business name and ABN (Australian Business Number).
  2. Client group reference: This is for your records and can be in any format.
  3. Address: Enter the physical address of the client group. This address is verified by google maps.
  4. Contact Number: Enter a phone number for the contact person.
  5. EDI number (if known): Enter the Electronic Data number.

Export Commodities

Select the commodities you intend to export.

If you are exporting Dairy, you will be asked if you give approval to share your export data with Dairy Australia.

Contact Person

  1. I am the contact person: Select if you are the contact person for this client group. Your details are associated with the administrator role for this group.
  2. Someone else is the contact person: Select to nominate another person to be the contact person for this client group. Enter a valid email or NEXDOC client ID (if existing NEXDOC user) for the contact person. Select Search for existing client. NEXDOC will search for the contact person record.
    1. If a match is found it will display.
    2. If there is no client match you can enter the contact person details.

My Printer

Select this option for the client group to be able to print from their office location. This triggers a request that is sent to us for review.

Manage Client Groups

When we approve your request to be a client group administrator, a new service called Manage Client Groups displays on the Home tab and the Services tab.

Several functions can be performed in this service you can access:

  • client groups
  • contact person
  • My printer
  • export commodities
  • client group members

Proceed to add group members, this will generate identifiers for each of your users.

Contact the NEXDOC help desk

For more information or assistance to register for NEXDOC, please contact

Related documents

Available for download below is a brochure with information on NEXDOC, including what’s changing and how to transition.


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NEXDOC How to add a new exporter DOCX 8 1.3 MB
NEXDOC add EU Traces ID PDF 8 525 KB
NEXDOC add EU Traces ID DOCX 8 1.3 MB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, please visit web accessibility.

Last reviewed: 21 July 2021
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