Export goods controlled by the department

​​​​Export commodities controlled by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment are listed or ‘prescribed’ in the Export Con​trol Act 1982 and related legislation.

Products prescribed in the legislation

  • Dairy products
    • milk and milk products
  • Eggs and egg products
  • Fish and fish products
    • aquatic vertebrates and aquatic invertebrates, excluding mammals and birds
    • products containing fish
  • Live animals
    • livestock
    • animals other than livestock (zoo animals, cats, dogs and other companion animals)
    • reproductive material
  • Meat and meat products
    • edible meat, offal and meat products derived from farmed cows, bison, buffalo, camels, goats, deer, sheep, pigs, horse and donkeys
    • wild game meat derived from any non-farmed vertebrate animal, including a mammal, bird or reptile but excluding a fish, that is killed in the field
    • rabbit and ratite (emu, ostrich) meat
    • poultry meat
  • Organic and biodynamic produce
  • Plants and plant products
    • cut flowers and fresh and dried foliage
    • fresh fruit and vegetables
    • grains and seeds
    • hay and straw
    • processed plant products
    • timber, logs and woodchips.

Products not prescribed in the legislation

Exempt products

Some animal or plant by-products may be exempt from government control under the legislation, unless an importing country requests government certification must accompany consignments. These goods include:

  • fish oil for manufacturing or pharmaceutical purposes
  • tallow, gelatine and gela​tine products, or meat products containing less than 5% mass of meat.

Highly processed products

Highly processed products, like wines, usually can be exported without government controls. These products are unlikely to transmit plant or animal diseases and will meet relevant food safety criteria. In rare circumstances importing countries may require certification.
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Last reviewed: 1 December 2020
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