Australian export documents and certification

Certificate Changes

All export certification issued by the department will be updated as part of the implementation of Australia’s new export legislation.  The department will also take this opportunity to amend the government branding and advise of a change to the electronic signatory for EXDOC issued facsimile signatures. Plant export certificates will also update references to “Authorised Officer” with the term “delegate”.  Australia’s updated certificates will be released during March 2021. Throughout this time, there will be a transition period where old and new certificates may be seen.

An overview of the upcoming changes to all certificates issued by the department for food and agricultural products exported from Australia, see Changes to export certificates issued by the department.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment issues export documentation required by the Ex​port Control Act and the authorities of importing countries. Export documentation verifies that the commodity meets legislated export requirements and the requirements of the importing country. The Manual of importing country requirements (Micor) provides a guide to the requirements of importing countries.

​Electronic docu​​mentation

Export Documentation System (EXDOC) is the department’s software application for primary produce export documentation.

Registration as an EXDOC electronic data interface (EDI) user is open to exporters of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, grain, horticulture, skins and hides, wool and meat by-products, such as pharmaceuticals, blood and pet food.

Registered EDI users can use electronic certification and may generate their own health certificates and related documents.

Export declaratio​​​n numbers

When exporters also register for the Single Elec​tronic Window (SEW)​, EXDOC can generate an export declaration number (EDN) necessary for Integrated Cargo System clearance, to streamline the export process.

Certificates for liv​​​e animals

Exporters of live animals use paper certificates, generated by the department’s regional officers.

Certification of wood packaging materials for export

The Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS) ensures that Australian treatment providers and wood packaging manufacturers produce wood packaging material that meets the ISPM 15 standard for exports.

Last reviewed: 3 March 2021
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